Jordan Moffatt
Clicking Into Place

Clicking into Place is the debut collection of short stories by Ottawa writer and improviser Jordan Moffatt. In these stories, characters find themselves grappling with an arachnid landlord, a friendly-but-omnipresent World Series champion, a misunderstood giant, and an anthropomorphic mass of flies. In Moffatt’s stories ideas are currency, and the wilder the better. More surprising than the outlandish cast of characters in these pages, however, is the emotional resonance drawn out of the absurd. Clicking into Place is a singular and self-assured first book by one of the funniest young voices in Canadian literature.

Jordan Moffatt lives in Ottawa.

MLA Chernoff
Delet This

MLAChernoff's debut collection, delet this, is a fun, volatile and disarming exhibition of satire, internet culture, flarf, memes, and dreams. The collection balances lighthearted silliness with social criticism, putting emojis in close quarters with academic theory and giving tweets equal gravity to tomes. You’ll find bewildered normies, Mark Zuckerberg, Super Soakers, philosophers driving giant anime robots and the name “Derrida” typed 70 times. Is it a trick? A trap? Is MLA laughing with you or at you? Are you sure? Who knows. Who cares. Delet this.

MLA Chernoff (@citation_bb) thanks u for visiting their profile. A recovering flat-earther, MLA now lives a quiet LIEf in ““Toronto”” (stinky condotown)where they collect and care for rare fidget spinners, which isn’t just a fad.They are a PhD candidate at The Neoliberal University of York University; the velocity of this bio is their dissertation––a morose serendipity in the key of“aw heck lmao!!!” O ya... their pomes have been published before...elsewhere... idk Google it, im tired. Plz Enjo.y n stay hydrated!!!! xo xo

Let This Be The End of Me

Writer and photographer JC Bouchard’s debut collection pairs photographs taken around Toronto, his home city, with direct, earnest and graceful poems. If you love introspection, walking around with no specific destination, getting lost and letting your mind roam free, this book will be your companion.

JCBouchard is the author of the chapbooks Portraits (In/Words Press) and WOOL WATER (words(on)pages press). His poetry was long-listed for the CBCPoetry Prize and received honourable mentions for the Bywords John Newlove Poetry Award and the Blodwyn Memorial Prize. He lives in Toronto and atjcbouchard.com.



BAD BOOKS publishes new and exciting work by emerging writers of prose and poetry. Our mission is to broaden the definition of 'Can Lit,' to capture some of the raw liveliness hidden under the surface.
Fawn Parker is a writer and editor based between Toronto and Montreal. She has been editing poetry and prose for web and print journals for a number of years, including publications such as The Puritan, Soliloquies Anthology, and TheVoid. In 2016 Fawn founded BAD NUDES Magazine with Thomas Molander and Sandy Spink, and they have since launched the sister-press, BAD BOOKS, where Fawn works as co-publisher, poetry editor, and managing editor. Fawn’s poetry and prose have been published in The Puritan, Joyland, Plenitude, and elsewhere. Her novel Set-Point is forthcoming with ARP Books in fall 2019. She is a current MA candidate in the field of creative writing at the University of Toronto, and the recipient of the Irving Layton Award for Fiction in 2017 and the Avie Bennett Emerging Writers Scholarship in 2018.
Thomas Molander is from a town called Comox on Vancouver Island but lives in Montreal, where he's pursuing an MA in English and Creative Writing at Concordia University. He's a co-founder and fiction editor of BAD NUDES and BAD BOOKS, and a fiction editor for Headlight Anthology. Before that he was a fiction editor at Soliloquies Anthology and an intern for Maisonneuve Magazine. He's finishing a novel about food delivery, and his short fiction has appeared in places like Cosmonauts Avenue, Queen Mob's Teahouse, Metatron's Omega blog, and elsewhere. He was the 2018 recipient of the Gabriel Safdie award for fiction. He plays drums in the bands DBPS and Kristian North.
Sandy Spink is not allowed to talk about where he works due to an NDA he signed. He likes long walks on the beach and designing & developing books and websites for BAD NUDES and BAD BOOKS.



"This is a joyful, ticklish, waggish, and brisk lil' collection that goes hard on the absurd and, in surprising tilts, winks toward the sublime."
— SpencerGordon author of Cosmo and Cruise Missile Liberals
"This book changed my life."
—Stephen Thomas author of The Jokes
"...there are still some books that anyone would be lucky to read... And Jordan Moffatt wrote one of those books, and it’s this one.
—Andrew Battershill, author of Pillow and Marry, Bang, Kill


"delet this, poetry as death load, the lyric-cum-digital, flesh of our flesh, transubstantiated as any visual reference. Irreverent and it cuts even deeper. Look upon their work, ye Memed, and laugh, weep. MLA is pure and absolute brilliance."
–Liz Howard, author of Infinite Citizen of the Shaking Tent
“Equal parts frenetic ode and fearless critique, delet this considers memes, CanLit, g-d and pop culture with the associative range of a Gogurt-fuelled fever dream.”
–Cassidy McFadzean, author of Hacker Packer


“In these poems and photographs, JC Bouchard is searching for a place in what can seem like an empty universe.”
- a.m.kozak, editor of 30 under 30: an anthology of Canadian millennial poets
This is poetry grounded in the body, if the body is grounded in nothing.”
-Jessica Bebenek, author of Fourth Walk


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